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Here are prices for some tasks as an example.

Tasks: Email / Security / Online Accounts / Getting Connected / How to..Learning


See also our main Pricing page for Pricing by Time and discounts

These are just a guide, as depending upon the task these could be higher or lower.

Note: these are costs for just coming and doing that task only. This may be reduced if able to be done remotely.

Costs would be reduced if multiple tasks were being done, also if tasks end up as a group solution to an issue.

Note: Some tasks are about value and not the time taken to do it. Something that's easy for us to do, due to experience, the right tools or software, should be valued for what it is and the benefit to you, not for the time taken for us to do it. That also goes for the guidance or training we provide, you are learning a skill, it has value.

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General examples of Task cost

  • Setup an email account on a device - cost - £30

  • Setup an email account on up to 3 devices - £50

  • Change email supplier and transfer of email data to new email and setup on up to 3 devices - £50-£100

  • Setting up security, changing settings to reduce SPAM, possible change of email supplier and data migration - £75-£125

  • Keeping/getting your email working if you have an issue - Computers that can be remoted into to fix issues - £5-£10/month

A monthly task would be by Direct Debit


Example of task costs

  • Install/change a computer security system - £50

  • Security system training and install on up to 3 devices - £100

  • Explaining the risks and threats and how to avoid them, change of process and behaviour - £30-£50

  • Child/adult mobile location app install and setup, multiple devices, demo - £30-£50

  • Family security plans and monitoring, multiple devices - £75-£150

  • Locking down devices of children and have parental authorisation for install of apps (Depends upon device) - £50-£150

  • Security checks, updates and scans for any issues - Computers that can be remoted into to - £10-20/month/system

A monthly task would be by Direct Debit


Example of task cost

  • Setup an Amazon account + 1device - £30

  • Setup an Amazon Family account - £50

  • Setup shopping and PayPal accounts - £50

  • Setup a new Skype account + add friends - £30

  • Get all your accounts setup on new devices - £75-125

Task Pricing: Product


Learning how to do something new

  • Basic use of mobile/smart devices - £30-£50

  • Basic computer use - £50-£150

  • How to use PayPal for shopping online - £30-£50

  • Buying media on Amazon and using Kindle etc - £30-£50

  • Microsoft Office application - £100-£250 / per application

  • Selling on Ebay or Marketplace - £50-£150

  • Website creation - £50-£200

The cost for these all depends upon where we are starting from as far as your knowledge, experience, and level need.

These are just as a guide.


Example of task costs

  • Getting a computer connected - working router - £30-£50

  • Connecting Smart devices - Mobiles, Tablets - Wi-Fi - £30

  • Connecting a printer, wired/Wi-Fi, up to 3 devices - £30-£50

  • Connecting/setting up 3rd party router - £75-£150

  • Connecting Smart TV/media device - £30-£75

  • Staying connected, remote help, support - £5-£15/month

A monthly task would be by Direct Debit

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