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Simply put, you refer someone, who then becomes a paying client, they get a discount and you get a discount off your next invoice from us. How much? look below for how much it can add up.


Provide a Testimonial for use on our website or our social media and get 5% off your invoice.

If you send out a post on your social media, saying that you have used our services and are happy to recommend us, with a link to our website included, you get 5% off your invoice, but like a referral, if they mention you, it will add up, see below.

Note: This is only open to those we have helped as clients or know us personally and can recommend.


Go to: Referrals / Lots of Referrals / Testimonials / Social Media Posts


You get 5% off and they get 5% off

How does this work?

Send them an email and copy us in recommending they use our services, so we know who has done the recommending, and provides us with their contact details as reference.

Contact them in some other way, but make sure that they know to mention your name and that you referred them.

You can always drop us an email to say - I told Jane Bloggs about you, she might call or email. Just in case she forgets to mention.

Note: If they become a paying client, they get 5% off their invoice, and you, as referrer, get 5% off your next invoice.

But what if I refer people, but don't need help myself? Then we can start talking Amazon vouchers


They all get 5% off and you get support/learning
time for free

 5 paying clients = 0.5 hours of our time free

10 paying clients = 1.5 hours of our time free

15 paying clients = 2.5 hours of our time free

You can use this time yourself, save it up for when you need it, or gift it to someone else, it's up to you.


One that we can use on our Website or on Social Media

Provide some nice quotable testimonial sound bites - 5% off your invoice

Provide a longer letter form testimonial - 10% off your invoice

Some new clients might want an actual reference from one of our past clients, if you would be willing for them to contact you by email for your experience - 25% off your invoice or 30min of free time.

We would either just use the testimonial without reference, or if we wanted to quote you, then we would just use 1st name and general area, example: Jane of Twyford, John from Wokingham.


Give us a shout out and get rewarded

Send out a post to all your friends and family, and if possible, to all, recommending us, with links to our website, and email, and telling them to quote your name - 5% off your invoice, and don’t forget 5% off their invoice.

Write a long glowing recommendation, getting into detail about how we helped you, how much we can help all the people you know - 10% off your invoice, 5% off theirs.

NOTE: Any new client that mentions they got our details from your posts, will be just like any other referral, see above, for how that can add up, 5% off invoice - per paying client, 30min free time - for 5 paying clients, etc.

If it's really, successful, in bringing in new clients to us Amazon vouchers might be coming your way.

Note: This is only open to those we have helped as clients or know us personally and can recommend.

Referral Bonuses: Product
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