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Device security advice
Security recommendations
Security install and setup
I've a Mac, I'm fine - really?
How to protect yourself
Dealing with threats
Mitigating your risk - behaviour
What does it all mean?

Security Family Plans
Security that helps you monitor
Baby monitoring
Using Skype, WhatsApp etc
How to setup Skype, etc
Family settings to restrict children
Software to monitor use
Get location of child's mobile
Parental authorisation for apps

Getting you connected

Home networking
Cable network v Wi-Fi
Modem and Router setup
ISP Router or Own
Mobile Data & Tethering
Hot Spots
Powerline v Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi -Pros & Cons
VPN v no VPN

Internet provider email or other?
Get it setup. get it syncing
SSL ot TLS or not? What?
Changing your email address
Email backup & migration
SPAM email
Virus, malware etc protection

Getting your online accounts setup

Buying- Amazon, Ebay, Marketplace

Money- Banking Online & Apps

Comms- WhatsApp, Skype, etc

Social- Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter

Sports- Endomondo, Strava

Media- Kindle, Prime, Netflix

Useful- Cinema, Parking, Buses

What is 2-Factor?
I have a password I'm ok, right?
Stop online account hacks
Which Authenticator
How to add 2-Factor to account
Texts, Apps, dongles, USB keys
Yubikey v Google Titan

Services: Service

Streaming media to various devices
Streaming at Home or On the Go
Setting up Media and Gaming devices
Downloading TV, Films, Music, Books
Gaming online
Why VPNs sometimes help
Man and Women Caves setup

Password systems-remember it
Password Manager-do it for you
Manager recommendations
Install - Setup - Use
Are they secure?
Who knows the keys?
Sharing passwords

Device cleaning

Data Backup

Device refresh - Wipe

Re-Setup device

Reload all apps and accounts

Account Credential collation

Password Manager setup

Services: Service

Purchasing advice and help
System migration planning
Data backup and transfer
Account transfer
New setup
Eco-system conversion
Apple to Android to Apple
Microsoft to Apple to Microsoft

Wi-Fi and cable printers
Webcam setup
USB backup drives
Network data storage (NAS)
Internet streaming device
TV and music streaming devices

Junk causes slow tech 

Device & Computer cleaning

Operating system refresh

Mobile refresh

Tablet refresh

Data transfer or Backup

Data archiving

Services: Service

Memory and Hard drive updates

Operating system updates

Graphics card updates

Application updates

Adding extra Hard drives

HDD to SSD drive conversion

Software installation

PCI card upgrade install

System backups
Your Data Onsite Backup
Your Data Offsite Backup
Cloud or Internet Backup
Data Syncing across devices
Mobile Backup and Restoring
To Sync, Backup or Archive?
Data encryption keys? Private?

Data Encryption - What is it
Encrypt or not to Encrypt
Which data can I encrypt
Online encryption - Safer?
Encryption who has the keys?
Mobile device encryption
Computer Encryption
Backup encryption

Services: Service


Services: Service
030 1st Lesson Start Button-72-50s-Adobe

Use your mobile
Use your Tablet
Use your computer
Use the internet
Use your printer
Use your Smart TV
Use your media device
Custom by request

031 DIY button-72-50s-AdobeStock_5585246

Computer backup

Mobile backup

My new mobile

Streaming device

Secure internet

Keeping devices running

Maintaining a clean PC

Custom by request

020 Social Media in Mans Hands-72-50s-Ad

Amazon, eBay, Marketplace
Banking, PayPal, etc
What'sApp, Skype, etc
Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter
Endomondo, Strava, etc
Kindle, Prime, Netflix, etc
Cinema, Parking & Bus Apps
Google(Gmail), Apple(iTunes)

032 Training people-72-50s-AdobeStock_11

Basic Computer use
Smart phone and devices
Microsoft Office
Internet - What and Use
Buying and Selling online
Basic website creation
Social media - basic use
Custom - by request


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