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Don’t Sweat It

Use your mobile
Use your Tablet
Use your computer
Use the internet
Use your printer
Use your Smart TV
Use your media device
Custom by request

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If you had a car, and all you did was sit in it, turn the wheel and flash the lights, without turning it on or driving it, people might think you were mad? Especially after spending all that money!
But that is what people are doing with their tech all the time.
Let us help you get in and drive that tech.
Get the most out of that expensive phone, or tablet.
Use your tech like it was supposed to be used, and get the best value from all that money.
People say we only use 10% or 20% of our brains, most people probably only use 5%-10% of their Tech's capabilities.
Now that is what I call Mad!


1 You tell us what you would like to learn, or, ask our advice on what you could get out of your particular Tech - we estimate how much time or money that might cost - then we discuss when it could be done.
2 You see a task with a cost mentioned on our Pricing pages, we agree when and how that can be done
3 There is a lot you want or need to learn about - as you are a novice - I would suggest bulk time buying or monthly time buying to reduce costs, and lots of training is done best over time, as we only learn at a certain rate and little and often is better
4 Combine support work on your devices with learning time. Depending upon the support task, they can take time to complete, with lots of waiting around for things to install or download, or copy etc. Combining support, with small learning tasks or time, could reduce costs, and make better use of your, and our, time.

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