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If you know what you want or have an urget need

- don't hesitate - don't continue to worry - Christmas is just around the corner -

- lets us help you - and your loved ones - just contact us or ask a question - that part is free

Not sure then have a look below or on our Main Services Page

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Gift someone the help they need this Christmas
Want to buy a present? But don't know the right one to get?
Keeping the Family safe while using their new Toys & Games consoles & other new Tech
Lucky you, you got a new Smart Phone - need help?
New Computer for Xmas? What about all that Data and Phots on the old one? - need help?
New Games console? Want to play online with your mates? - need help?
New or old Mobile, or other Tech you don't know how to use? - need a lesson?
Our normal services are also available over the Xmas period and into the New Year
As always don't be limited by what you see here. Have a Tech issue need help, ask.

Christmas Tech: Service

Help the ones you Love

Pay for us to help some

Gift the setup of their new tech

Gift - Setup their new phone

Gift - Setup their new computer

Gift - Setup their new Apple TV

Gift - Setup thier new games console

Gift - Setup iPad to Skype family

Gift - Help them understand Tech

Gift - Our How to... and Tutorials

Advice, Support, Doing

Purchasing advice and help
We can be Santas little helper
We can advise on what to get
We can advise on what model
We can help get setup
We can help get the best deals
We can help buy new or second-hand
We can help with online buying
Help with Ebay, Marketplace, etc

Provide Joy with Security

Getting family accounts setup
Child and teen appropriate levels
Gaming accounts Online & Console
Setup Parental controls
Family sharing
Restricting time and age of play
Locking down mobile devices
Restricting computer use
Having the right security software
Does your internet provider help?

New Smart Phone setup

New phone initial setup

Data and Account migration

Apple to Apple

Samsung to Samsung

Android to Android

Apple to Andriod

Android to Apple

Need help understanding it?

See our How to.. and Tutorials

New computer data migration

Data backup, don't loose it

Data movement to new

On-site and off-site data stores

Data sync between devices

Security setup

Account setups

Email setup

Software installs

Peripheral setups

Man Cave setup help

Account setup

Networking and internet

Get those peripherals sorted

Next level of man cave

Smart TV setup

Sound system setup

Alexa, Google and other setup

Don't be a Novice, be a Tech God

Basic how to use a Smart Phone

What are apps and how to use them

Using Social media

Communicate without calling

Use it as a SatNav

Use it as a music player

Watch movies and TV

Want more - see below

Security, Family, Getting Online
Email, Online, Social Media accounts
Streaming & Gaming, Passwords etc
Devices & Computers Renew/Refresh
Replacing Old with New Buying help
Peripheral Devices setup
Data Backup, Sync, Encryption
Upgrades, Updates, Cleaning, Fixing

Custom solutions for clients

Tailored support when needed

Shown how, then you do it DIY

Help to finish that project

Confidential, no one has to know

We like to help those in need

As in life, if you don't ask...

It's just, we, use the front door...


 Here to help you learn

Christmas Tech: Service
030 1st Lesson Start Button-72-50s-Adobe

HOW TO....

Use your mobile
Use your Tablet
Use your computer
Use the internet
Use your printer
Use your Smart TV
Use your media device
Custom by request

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Computer backup
Mobile backup
My new mobile
Streaming device
Secure internet
Keeping devices running
Maintaining a clean PC
Custom by request

020 Social Media in Mans Hands-72-50s-Ad


Amazon, eBay, Marketplace
Banking, PayPal, etc
What’sApp, Skype, etc
Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter
Endomondo, Strava, etc
Kindle, Prime, Netflix, etc
Cinema, Parking & Bus Apps
Google(Gmail), Apple(iTunes)

043 Xmas Santa on computer Teaching-72-5


Basic Computer use

Smart phone and devices

Microsoft Office

Internet - What and Use

Buying and Selling online

Basic website creation

Social media - basic use

Custom - by request

Ask Santa....


Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

If you call and we can't answer leave a contact number.


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